All Pets Wellness Foundation, a recognized 501 c3 organization was founded to service a unique need for the companion animal owners of America. The foundations focus is to offer companion animal owners an alternative for funding emergency medical care when the financial dictates to support the medical care cannot be met. Companion animal owners must often make difficult decisions to put an animal down or surrender them to a local shelter because of medical costs. Companion animal surrender can be devastating for owners, as these animals have become part of their families. Thousands of animals are sent to shelters and euthanized each year, whereas, many have treatable medical conditions. The foundation makes compassionate veterinary care available to owners that otherwise would not be able to provide “LIFESAVING CARE” for their pets. All Pets Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization, which ensures that no pet is denied lifesaving medical treatment because of an owner’s inability to pay. Educational awareness is also paramount to our mission. Our outreach includes informative wellness presentations, sponsored wellness symposiums and educational formats focusing to nutrition, exercise and other measures that support long-term companion animal’s health. Our foundation, continually strives to investigate new and better ways to increase companion animal’s longevity along with the exploration of the newest approved medical and rehabilitation veterinary services offered.


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Animal advocates established All Pets Wellness Foundation to financially assist companion animal owners pay for catastrophic medical care. Few people in today’s world budget for medical emergencies for their companion animals. Think about it, your companion animal is in need of emergency care and you had no path to pay for that lifesaving support. What would you do? Your donations will assure companion animals GET the emergency medical care they need. Financially supporting All Pets Wellness Foundation ensures that YOU have made a difference in the life of companion animals, their owners and in some cases even a family. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and All Pets Wellness Foundation appreciates your generosity.



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The relationship between companion animals and humans is as old as time. The Human Animal Bond documentary explores that unique relationship between senior citizens and special needs individuals. Upon viewing the video, you will be inspired, possible even shed a tear, and better understand unconditional love. Companion animals provide love and bring to humanity a better understanding of compassion for senior citizens, special needs individuals and “HOW PETS MAKE A DIFFERECE”. To View Video and Donate Click on HAB logo.



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